ACORN - When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Change Their Name

Published Sun, Nov 29 2009 9:36 PM

For months ACORN leaders have been quick to dismiss any rumors that they were planning on changing the name of the organization to distance themselves from the negative connotations it has amassed. They've engaged in rampant voter registration fraud, covered up a massive embezzlement and have recently been caught in undercover video stings which have further tarnished the organization's name.

The Politico is reporting that ACORN created an internal document weighing the pros and cons of changing the organization's name. They've released the memorandum:

The memo addresses, in bullet-point format, the pros and cons of a new brand, saying that it has "spent 39 years building the reputation and track record of ACORN." ACORN officials write that the bad image would "blow over" in the next year or two. And they believe that even with a name change, "right-wing attackers will say we are ACORN in disguise – so do we really gain much by going with a new name?"

The group does acknowledge that working with elected officials "is much harder now" and "while some foundations are still will to fund us, more are not."

The one-page document also discusses the optics of a name change, saying it "should be very obvious that we are not going to choose a new name because funders or politicians want us to."

The memo also acknowledges that it has encountered organizations and individuals who want to work with group but "can only do so if [ACORN changes] its name."

"(W)e should probably think through this problem carefully and figure out what it all means for our ability to survive and thrive without losing a lot of ground over the next year or two," the memo reads.

Its interesting reading. See the full article here.

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# jsmith 25 said on Monday, November 30, 2009 9:47 AM

Why is this news now? Even a casual search on the web will reveal that ACORN actually DID change their name back in June for a few weeks - even on their website - to "Community Organizations International". Where were the pundits then? Was it not yet politically expedient to report this in the mainstream media? Do a Google search for "Community Organizations International" and you will see all the sites that they set up under this new name and have since taken down - The Google results even say "...formerly Acorn"! Why is this not part of the current mainstream news "revelation"?

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