"Saving Freedom From Vote Fraud" Highlights

Published Fri, Feb 19 2010 8:50 PM

The CPAC Session: "Saving Freedom from Vote Fraud" featured some of the leading figures in the fight for fair elections: RNLA Chairman David Norcross, Wall Street Journal's John Fund, ACORN whistleblower Anita MonCrief and RNLA Co-Chair Cleta Mitchell (who moderated the forum). The panel proved to be a lively discussion on ACORN, SEIU, and Democrats' efforts towards universal voter registration.

RNLA Chairman David Norcross warned of the dangers of ACORN and how the organization is intertwined with the SEIU. Specifically, Norcross pointed out that ACORN's efforts in the recent gubernatorial elections in his home state of New Jersey were minimal. Instead, the SEIU did most of the heavy lifting for former Governor Corzine. The point is one can't make clear distinctions between the two organizations or take comfort from the fact that ACORN has possibly scaled down it's voter registration and GOTV activities. The same people who want to steal elections are at work regardless of what organization they are officially identified with.

Norcross noted that this is part of the SEIU and ACORN's attempts to move the country to the left and to do it quickly. Attempting to steal elections and thwart the popular will is one step to help speed the process.

ACORN whistleblower Anita MonCrief had the CPAC crowd on its feet. She described her past experiences working with ACORN and how the organization engaged in a concerted effort to learn the provisional and absentee ballot laws in each of the 50 states in an effort to see where they could get away with mischief. Basically, they were looking for holes in the system that ACORN and other affiliated groups could exploit. Again, the common theme is that you can't get hung up on semantics: the official organization may not be ACORN, it could be the SEIU or America Votes, but the people involved are the same.

MonCrief also recounted ACORN's plans to recruit candidates for races at the local level and get them to climb the ranks to be governors, Secretaries of State, and Senators. She noted that they achieved their ultimate goal of the Presidency with the election of Barack Obama. (Obama worked for ACORN-affiliate Project Vote in his community organizing days.) In addition, the election of liberal, politically motivated Secretaries of State in states such as Ohio and Minnesota has removed a traditional check against voter fraud: a state's chief election official's nonideological treatment of the elections process.

Finally, John Fund highlighted the dangers associated with Congressional Democrats' plans for federally mandated universal voter registration. They use the ruse of pointing out examples like ACORN's voter registration fraud activities as evidence that our voter registration system is broken beyond repair. Rather than try to fix it, Democrats would rather just solve the problem by registering everyone.

To compile the voter registration lists the federal government would pull property records, drivers' licenses, tax records, and numerous other sources. This would create mass chaos caused by duplicate registrations, illegal aliens ending up on the rolls (some states allow illegal aliens to obtain drivers licenses), people being registered in multiple states (for example: if someone owns property in two states it's possible they would be registered in each), and problems with individuals using their middle names in some records and their first in others. There are numerous other scenarios for disaster and uncertainty in this situation and that's exactly the left's plan: cause chaos and exploit the system's vulnerabilities.

Cleta Mitchell ended the panel with two action items for CPAC attendees: 1. Visit your local voter registration office and get a list of those conducting voter registration drives. Get the names and google them to see if they are connected to ACORN, SEIU, or another left-wing organization. 2. Volunteer to be a poll watcher on Election Day.

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