What Does an Appointment Cost These Days?

Published Wed, Jun 9 2010 3:59 PM

We’ve seen the news reports of the Obama Administration’s attempts to woo candidates out of divisive Senate Primary contests.  Tomorrow we’re going to see an interesting day in the Senate, but for different reasons.  No, it’s not Seersucker Thursday – it’s the day that the Senate Judiciary Committee will discuss two of President Obama’s most controversial nominees.  Sure, Goodwin Liu received quite a bit of attention, but tomorrow two of his would be colleagues deserve some additional scrutiny: Robert Chatigny and John McConnell.


Robert Chatigny is President Obama’s nominee to the Second Circuit.  McConnell has been tapped to serve as a District Judge for the District of Rhode Island.  These two men however could not have taken more different, yet controversial paths.


Mr. Chatigny currently sits on the District Court for the District of Connecticut. He’s been on the bench since President Clinton nominated him in 1994.  While on the bench he has found that an individual convicted of possessing child pornography is entitled to a reduced sentence because he helped children “cultivate an interest in music.”  He also overturned Connecticut’s online sex offender registry – a decision unanimously overturned by the Supreme Court.


Mr. McConnell does not come to the bench with prior judicial experience.  Mr. McConnell serves as Treasurer of the Rhode Island Democratic Party.  He’s proven his liberal stripes by donating nearly $700,000 to Democratic candidates and causes – including a $50,000 to President Obama’s Inauguration Committee.

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