UPDATE: One More Reason to Eliminate the EAC

Published Tue, May 24 2011 12:57 PM

As posted yesterday, there is a bill to eliminate the Election Assistance Commission. One of the reasons the agency has undergone such strict scrutiny is because of a high profiling hiring scandal. Well, it has come to light that the Election Assistance Commission has another high profile hiring scandal.

During the prospective General Counsel’s interview, it became clear that Commissioner Gracia Hillman’s questioning showed that she had issues with the applicant being a naval reserve officer. Hillman started asking detailed questions about his military service. According to the attorney, Hillman’s questioning showed that she believed “that no military reservist could ever be ‘objectively’ involved with voting issues due to some imaginary legal conflict under attorney bar requirements,” Hillman’s questions showed that the lawyer’s military service was “a negative in her eyes and [she] sought to convey these negative ramifications to the other Commissioners and staff present.”

 Making an even stronger case for eliminating the Election Assistance Commission which Rep. Gregg Harper described as “the epitome of ‘business as usual’ in Washington.”

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