Vote Fraud in Lovejoy, Georgia

Published Mon, Oct 17 2011 10:21 AM

Vote fraud has ended a mayor’s career in Lovejoy, Georgia. But you wouldn’t hear about this from the left.

Joe Murphy resigned his position of mayor of Lovejoy and pledged to no longer seek political office in order to avoid criminal charges for absentee ballot fraud. The Clayton County District Attorney dropped voter fraud charges against Murphy and his family in exchange for his resignation from public office. Law enforcement had launched an investigation over illegal votes cast in the 2007 city elections by the mayor and his relatives. Voters had lied on their absentee ballot forms, falsely claiming they were residents of Lovejoy.

In his resignation letter, Murphy wrote “I, Joe Murphy, agree to no longer seek political office in the future.” Vote fraud ended a career of two decades. Murphy had been mayor since 2001 and served as city councilor for ten years prior to that.

The Clayton County District Attorney’s Chief Administrator Dennis Baker sent a letter to Murphy attorney saying, “We had agreed that should Mayor Murphy provide our office with a signed resignation for his immediate leaving or elected office and including an acknowledgement that he would not seek future political office that the investigation of the Lovejoy voter/election fraud case regarding Mayor Murphy and his family would end…”

Here is yet another crime of vote fraud that the left won't count because it was not a conviction. But vote fraud is real. Just ask Lovejoy, Georgia.

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# Justineisu said on Wednesday, October 19, 2011 2:52 PM

My position takes this a little differently.  This state has done a lot to supposedly stop voter fraud.  In almost all instances the face of voter fraud was Blacks and Hispanics.  I too am deeply concerned no action was taken against him. But my displeasure is from another perspective and it has nothing to do with political party affiliation

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