All Political Persuasions Can Support Voter ID Together

Published Mon, Dec 5 2011 10:30 AM


“Americans of all political persuasions can agree that it is the integrity of the vote that safeguards the integrity of our democratic process.” 

This is what Reince Priebus, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, has said about voter ID.  His comments stand in sharp contrast to what the Democratic National Committee chair has been saying.  Debbie Wasserman Schulz declared recently, “Republicans across the country have engaged in a full-scale attack on the right to vote, seeking ways to restrict or limit voters’ ability to cast their ballots for their own partisan advantage…Democrats refuse to stand by and watch this happen.”

These comments fail to capture the real truth about voter ID.  Voter ID is something that transcends political party because it is a good government issue.  And it is ironic that Debbie Wasserman Schultz speaks of Republicans as the ones behind voter ID when there are prominent Democrats who support voter ID.  The Bipartisan Commission on Election Reform, which was co-chaired by U.S. President Jimmy Carter (D) and former U.S. Secretary of State James A. Baker, III (R), came out in favor of voter ID. In Rhode Island, a legislature where Democrats hold the majority in large proportions, a voter ID law was passed.  Then it was signed by a governor who is an Independent.  People from both sides of the aisle – and even those in the middle - have thrown their support behind voter ID.

Voter ID can be accepted by Americans of all persuasions.  It already has.  But you don’t have to take Mr. Priebus’ word for it. 

Take the words of former Congressman Artur Davis (D-AL) who was a member of the Congressional Black Caucus: “I think Alabama did the right thing in passing one.

Or of Governor Lincoln D. Chafee (I-RI): I believe that requiring identification at the polling place is a reasonable request to ensure the accuracy and integrity of our elections.”

Or Harold Metts (D-Providence), African American and senior citizen who sponsored the voter ID bill in the Rhode Island state Senate: “For me it is not about red or blue states, or who is on the right or who is on the left.   It’s about doing the right thing!”

From wherever you come from or what party you belong to, voter ID is good for this country and deserves your support.


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