Obomination: The Left Responds to Vote Fraud Investigation by Denying Vote Fraud Exists

Published Fri, Dec 9 2011 8:53 AM

Prosecutors in St. Joseph County, Indiana are now currently investigating what appears to be a concerted effort of forging signatures to get Obama on the primary ballot. The question must be asked: Was the person now in office really even supposed to be on the ballot?

Instead of confronting this serious concern and supporting reforms at the polls, the left proceeds to flat out deny vote fraud exists.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) issued a report this week claiming that there were “a grand total of nine suspected fraudulent votes” over the last decade. A mere 9.

Well, the Republican National Lawyers Association (RNLA) researched this issue too. Guess how many states have had vote fraud issues according to a brief survey by RNLA. 10? 20? Try 46. (Note that the RNLA did not try to find all instances of vote fraud, as our blog tracks that on an almost daily basis.  Rather, the RNLA sought to research how many states have problems with vote fraud.)

These are not unsubstantiated reports; a federal, state or local criminal prosecutor actually charged each of the individuals listed with a crime such as absentee ballot fraud, impersonation fraud, double voting, felon voting, noncitizen voting and vote buying.  

The vote fraud deniers often derive their research from the Brennan Center, which published a poorly researched paper by Justin Levitt. Upon reading these papers from the NAACP and the Brennan Center, one wonders if the authors ever cracked open a newspaper in the last ten years. In addition to vote fraud cases, charges and years, the RNLA website often link to news articles from papers across the country.

Then again, the reason for the shoddy research might be that the Brennan Center staff is reading The New York Times. Last month, The New York Times editorial page editor dared twitter followers to offer him any examples of vote fraud but concluded that we “Haven’t gotten any.”

Here’s some news for the Times: Forty-six states have charged individuals with vote fraud in the last decade. This is not a thing of the past or something that only a few encounter. This is a problem that affects almost the entire country today.  The RNLA is a small group without the resources of the NAACP, The New York Times, or the Brennan Center.  If they looked, they could find vote fraud across the country, as the RNLA did in just a limited survey. 

Obama’s party and his administration have launched a wide-scale assault on necessary electoral reforms like voter ID. Obama called voter ID laws a “big mistake,” and the Justice Department pledges “aggressive” scrutiny of laws which actually are constitutional according to the Supreme Court. And the DNC Chair, former President Clinton, and Jesse Jackson have all compared such laws to racially discriminatory laws of the past, such as Jim Crow and the poll tax.

The NAACP report also claims that “the risk of voter fraud appears to be little more than an after-the-fact rationalization for discriminatory laws.” They claim there’s a hidden agenda, but it seems like ignoring vote fraud is a convenient way to let it continue.

Someone’s a fraud here, and it’s not those calling for open, fair and honest elections now. 

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