Vote Fraud Denier Al Sharpton Committed Vote Fraud

Published Mon, Dec 12 2011 9:33 AM

The leader of vote fraud deniers, Al Sharpton, who has a feature on MSNBC called “Block the Vote,” himself committed vote fraud.  As the Daily Beast reports:

A grand jury report issued by Democratic District Attorney Elizabeth Holtzman in 1984, which is used at the very top of Heritage’s history of vote fraud in America, culminates with a detailed description of the attempted theft of a 1982 congressional election by Sharpton’s then-mentor-and-sidekick Brooklyn state senator Vander Beatty, who went to jail for orchestrating the largest forgery scheme in American politics. Sharpton is alleged to have participated in the scheme. 

The liberal Daily Beast indicates that Sharpton “registered at three different addresses scattered across the [Brooklyn] borough.”   In court, Sharpton violated election law by registering at three addresses because three black Democratic district leaders wanted to run him against other candidates. Sharpton was knocked off the ballot.

A Village Voice journalist reported that Sharpton was “forging thousands of signatures on voter-registration cards to create enough fraud to invalidate” a win by an opponent of Brooklyn state senator Vander Beatty. A jury that convicted Vander Beatty found that Beatty used his own orchestrated forgeries as proof of so many irregularities that two courts overturned his opponent’s win.  So a probable reason Sharpton denies vote fraud when there is so much other evidence of it really occurring is because he, himself, made up vote fraud in a backhanded strategy to win elections through the courts instead of by votes fairly cast. (If you doubt that there’s evidence of vote fraud today, check out the vote fraud mapJust last week, the Associated Press reported that three individuals in Kentucky pled guilty to vote fraud in federal court.  All three individuals are currently listed on the vote fraud map.)

Ken Shepherd of Newsbusters reported last week, “All this week MSNBC is giving Politics Nation host Al Sharpton a platform to attack voter ID laws as a move to ‘Block the Vote’ and keep black voters from the polls.”  MSNBC apparently thinks there’s nothing wrong with giving an alleged vote fraudster the platform to deny vote fraud exists.


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