Real Fraud Ignored Again

Published Thu, Jan 12 2012 6:39 AM

The provocative video producer James O'Keefe has done it again. O'Keefe, who exposed corruption at ACORN and racism at PBS, has shown how easy it is to "vote" in the name of dead people. While we do not commend his methods, we do condemn those on the left who are once again ignoring the problem. It is becoming more and more obvious that the left will deny any and all vote fraud, regardless of the evidence.

While we do not recommend nor embrace O'Keefe's methods, he did it for an uncontested primary, did not actually vote, and was doing it to expose a problem. New Hampshire is not an ideal place to commit vote fraud. It is a smaller geographic area, and people are more like to know one another. Yet with one possible exception: O'Keefe and his agents did not get caught.

Now the left is outraged. How come no one on the left was outraged about a real problem, a story the same day about 900 possible votes in the name of dead people in South Carolina? Which is more important a publicity stunt to prove a point that did no harm or actual fraud? Yet, the left is yelling and screaming over O'Keefe but completely ignoring South Carolina. This is happening at a time when much of the political press is in South Carolina for the upcoming Republican primary.

Of course some on the left who deny vote fraud, actually committed vote fraud. The leading media vote fraud denier MSNBC's Al Sharpton himself actually committed vote fraud. Officers of the NAACP,  the leading group opposing common sense reforms such as Voter ID have also been convicted of vote fraud. Maybe they want to protect their follow fraudsters?

You do not have to take a word of a Republican blogger to believe in vote fraud or the need for common sense reforms like voter ID. In a place ripe with fraud that is currently debating a Voter ID bill another one of MSNBC's Al Sharpton colleagues, Chris Mathews, said how Philadelphia Democrats would bus the same people around to have them vote in multiple places . When sponsoring successful Voter ID legislation, African American Senior Citizen Rhode Island Democrat Harold Metts detailed vote fraud in the Democrat primaries he had personally witnessed. When former Congressional Black Caucus Member Democrat Artur Davis admitted he was wrong to take Voter ID in the past, he detailed the fraud in Alabama.

Yet, the only person likely to be investigated and the only person the left is calling on to be prosecuted is James O'Keefe. The left does not care about actual vote fraud.

That's just it; the left will deny vote fraud, in part because it benefits the left. We are hoping that Democrats in New Hampshire and Pennsylvania, will join with Republicans and the overwhelming majority of the public in order to make it harder to cheat and easier to vote by adopting common sense reforms like voter ID. However, we have little hope in the political left or the mainstream media telling the truth about vote fraud. We wish the mainstream media would honestly investigate, instead of leaving it to so-called "Ashton Kutcher of the conservative movement.”  The subject matter is too important because every fraudulent vote disenfranchises a legal voter .

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