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Message From the President
-Mr. Elliot Berke

Photo - Mr. Elliot Berke
Mr. Elliot Berke
After the exciting election of many Republicans at every level of the ticket last November, the past few months have been busy for Republicans and especially for RNLA members and leaders. Because there is so much demanding your consideration right now, here are some items that deserve attention.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered valuable time to help ensure the elections were open, fair, and honest. And thank you to everyone who has served or will serve in the Trump administration. We compiled a partial list of members who have publicly announced they will be joining in the administration here, and we anticipate many more members will decide to serve.

RNLA hosted a luncheon to celebrate the inauguration of Donald Trump, where over 350 attorneys were addressed by former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and incoming White House Counsel Don McGahn. For more information on the luncheon, click here.

Earlier this week, President Trump fulfilled one of his primary campaign promises, to nominate a judge in the mold of the late Justice Antonin Scalia to Justice Scalia’s seat on the Supreme Court. Judge Neil Gorsuch has served with distinction on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit, has demonstrated immense respect for the rule of law and deep understanding of the proper role of a judge, and was confirmed unanimously by the Senate in 2006. For more information on Judge Gorsuch and what you can do to support his nomination, click here.

I published an op-ed discussing how liberals are playing politics with Judge Gorsuch’s nomination and highlighting the important choices facing Democrats in the Senate that could drastically affect their future political prospects: Liberals Play Politics With Supreme Court Nomination.

The Democrats political confirmation games are widespread. The Senate Judiciary Committee approved Senator Jeff Sessions’ nomination for Attorney General with a party-line vote, after Democrats used all procedural options to delay the vote and disparaged the character and career of Senator Sessions. One of the outlandish charges against Senator Sessions is that he was a racist for defending African-American voters’ voting rights, which I discussed here: In Defense Of Sen. Jeff Sessions.

As they have with all of Trump’s nominees, even uncontroversial ones like Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, Democrats have engaged in an unprecedented campaign to obstruct and delay confirmations and leave federal agencies in limbo. As of January 31, only four of Trump’s nominees had been confirmed, compared to much larger numbers on the same date for prior presidents: Obama – 14, George W. Bush – 15, Clinton – 17, George H.W. Bush – 6, Reagan – 15, and Carter – 14.

In addition to Judge Gorsuch and Senator Sessions, RNLA will be active in supporting nominees to the circuit courts of appeal. Many organizations do not focus on the circuit courts, and Democrats have given every indication that they will obstruct President Trump whenever possible, which will likely include blocking and delaying circuit court nominees. Watch your email for information on key nominees and what you can do to support them.

RNLA will host its annual National Policy Conference on Friday, May 5 at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. This year, the theme of the conference is “Back to the Constitution: The Trump Administration and the Rule of Law.” In addition to focusing on legal aspects of policy initiatives of the new administration, experts will also discuss President Trump’s judicial nominations. To register, sponsor, and for more information, please visit the event page for the National Policy Conference.

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