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Trump Continues to Nominate Great Judicial Picks
-Mr. Richard Kisielowski

Photo - Mr. Richard Kisielowski
Mr. Richard Kisielowski
By far, President Trump’s greatest success to date is his judicial picks. When President Trump took his Oath of Office, there were just over 100 federal judicial vacancies across the country, which was nearly double that of his predecessor eight years earlier. Since then, the number has swelled.

Today, there are some 150 vacancies throughout the federal court system. The Trump Administration has nominated well-qualified candidates to fill a third of those seats, so far. The speed and diligence at appointing these nominees is unprecedented.

The Wall Street Journal recently highlighted and praised this effort. Nevertheless, Democrats continue to obstruct, delay, and stall these nominations—in the process hindering our federal courts and their ability to administer justice. As of mid-October 2017, only 7 have been confirmed, including former RNLA member Justice Neil Gorsuch.

Once confirmed, these jurists will help shape the judiciary for a generation. As lawyers and law students, the state of our courts is very important to us. Greater work is needed to advocate and call out these obstructionist tactics.

This year, the RNLA has been working to highlight these judicial nominees’ excellent qualifications and the methods used to block these nominees. Our Judicial Affairs Committee has been very active and busy. Volunteers have helped us with researching nominees and penning opinion/editorials. We are still seeking additional members to assist us in this research; you can sign up here. If you have any questions about getting involved, please feel free to reach out to Eric Lycan, RNLA’s Vice President for Judicial Affairs, or me.

We hope you can help us advocate for these well-qualified judges and the RNLA will keep you posted on President Trump’s judges and nominees though its events, TheRepLawyer blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

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