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How President Trumpís DOJ Is Defending the Rule of Law
-Mr. Joshua Goodman

Photo - Mr. Joshua Goodman
Mr. Joshua Goodman
Not only is there evidence of bias, corruption, and even illegal spying plaguing the legacy of President Obamaís Department of Justice, for those eight years the DOJ often selectively enforced laws to favor left-wing causes, even if the laws did not abide by the Constitution. Under President Trump, it is safe to say things have changed. Trumpís Justice Department has reversed positions on a number of major issues.

One of the biggest victories for the Trump DOJ that will go a long way to ensure the integrity of our elections is Husted v. Philip Randolph Institute. This case upheld Ohioís method of removing infrequent voters from the rolls. The 5-4 decision is a major victory for election integrity. In Lucia v. SEC, a 7-2 decision by the Court ruled that the Securities and Exchange Commissionís administrative law judges were unconstitutionally unaccountable. This ruling gave the Trump DOJ another major victory and brought back an originalist view of the Constitution, particularly Article II. The Trump DOJ from the Obama DOJ also changed positions and was validated by the Supreme Court in Janus v. AFSCME, where the Court found that mandatory union fees from public employees violated the First Amendment.

Perhaps the most under the radar victory of the Trump DOJ impacts Americaís institutions of higher learning. The Obama Justice Department did virtually nothing to protect the free speech of conservative and libertarian students, faculty, and campus speakers. Led by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the Department of Justice is now doing everything it can to protect free speech.

At two of the most prestigious public schools in our nation, the University of Michigan and the University of California-Berkeley, conservative free speech is under attack. Thankfully, Sessions and the DOJ have filed a Statement of Internet in a Speech First lawsuit against the University of Michigan for failing to protect free speech of students. At Berkeley, DOJ filed a Statement of Interest in a suit against the university for unfairly hampering the ability of conservative groups on campus to invite speakers.

Not only is the Justice Department now defending free speech, they also recently made a major reversal to a discriminatory Obama-era practice regarding admissions at universities across the country. At Berkeley, guidance will now make it more difficult for universities to discriminate against non-minority students in the application process.

Finally, the Trump DOJ has made tremendous progress in allowing states to better protect the integrity of their elections. In Texas, the Justice Department reversed the Obama-led opposition to a voter ID law designed to stop vote fraud and increase confidence in Lone Star State elections.

Virtually every one of these decisions has been rejected by Democrats who will stop at nothing to oppose common sense measures to protect American elections and free speech. Thankfully, President Trumpís Department of Justice has been willing to take on this important fight.

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