CPAC Panel Addresses How Vote Fraud Will Taint 2012 Elections

Published Thu, Feb 16 2012 6:58 AM

CPAC brought many interesting and informative sessions for attendees.  One such session was a panel on vote fraud which included The Heritage Foundation’s Hans von Spakovsky, John Fund, a senior editor for the American Spectator, and King Street Patriots President Catherine Engelbrecht.  David Norcross, RNLA Chair, moderated the panel.

 Norcross began the panel discussion by asking the audience, “Will there be fraud at the polls in 2012?” Without hesitation, he answered, “The answer is undoubtedly YES, but what are we going to do about it?”  Norcross then gave some background information to attendees stating that Service Employees International Union (SEIU) would be a powerful force for potential fraud going into the 2012 elections. They are more organized, and have “deeper roots” than the ACORN organization.  He also discussed a recent RNLA study on vote fraud convictions and stated how 46 out of 50 states since 2000 have had at least one prosecution for vote fraud.  Norcross then turned the session to the panelists who each discussed different aspects of vote fraud in previous elections and potential fraud in the upcoming election.

 Hans von Spakovsky began the discussion by explaining the connection that exists between ACORN and Project Vote. “They are basically interchangeable,” he said. During his presentation he also spoke about how the Left insists that vote fraud doesn’t exist and the measures to combat fraud by the Right are ways to suppress votes and disenfranchise voters.  Spakovsky then quickly discussed how this thought process is untrue, citing the most recent example of vote fraud that took place in Troy, NY.   von Spakovsky went on to explain how the Obama Department of Justice’s Voting Section is politicized. Fund jumped in to state how this administration considers efforts to enforce election laws as disenfranchisement. 

John Fund helped to gather the crowd’s attention on the support for photo ID.  In the simplest terms, large majorities “of every demographic group” in American support photo ID and voter integrity laws.  In fact, Fund said photo ID laws are “supported more frequently by the general public than motherhood and apple pie.” Because some people don’t enjoy apple pie and others don’t get along with their mother.  He encouraged audience members to pressure law enforcement officials responsible for upholding existing laws.

 Catherine Engelbrecht, who is also active with True the Vote, called on audience members to become more active in their home states to act as a counterbalance to fraudulent activities. She also said it was important to become active in urban areas where Republicans are too easily intimidated. 

 The session concluded with each of the three panelists giving their best tips for combating vote fraud.  All three panelists agreed that photo ID is the simplest way to combat fraud and restore integrity. The panel ended with the final words "Leave no polling place unmanned and no polling list unchecked if you want to win this election in 2012."

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