Obomination: Politicized DOJ Blocks Texas Voter ID Law

Published Fri, Mar 16 2012 7:00 AM

Just days after a grand jury indicted seven individuals for illegally voting in Texas, the Department of Justice blocked the implementation of the Texas voter ID law, which would have prevented vote fraud in the Lone Star State.  The letter that seeks to justify the denial of administrative preclearance by the Department of Justice is a page pulled out of the liberal playbook against voter ID.

The DOJ attempts to discredit the real evidence of fraud and hype up claims of disenfranchisement, but taking a closer look, it’s just twisting of what the law really requires and statistical games.

Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act does not require that evidence of only “voter impersonation” crimes be shown.  The DOJ is narrowly interpreting the law to justify a politicized decision.  Like leftist opponents of voter ID, the DOJ is narrowing vote fraud to just voter impersonation, when it includes voting from multiple precincts, voting from multiple states, multiple voting, voting in the place of a deceased person, and voting in place of a fictional person, etc.

The Justice Department delayed and delayed this decision until it could fabricate some sort of mathematical justification for its decision, no matter how inaccurate its statistics are.

First of all, the DOJ requested information on the racial backgrounds, which the Texas motor vehicles department does not track.  Then the DOJ insisted on having such data, asking instead for Hispanic surnames.  A Hispanic surname is not necessarily representative of a voter’s racial background.  A person who changes their name to a Hispanic surname occur because of marriage or adoption, and would thus inaccurately describe an individual as being Hispanic.

Texas’s election division director wrote to the DOJ, “By requesting Spanish surname data, the DOJ’s request acknowledges that the DPS database does not accurately reflect the number of Hispanic voters in Texas who possess a driver’s license or photo identification card. Nonetheless, in a good faith attempt to satisfy the DOJ’s request, the State has compiled the requested data – despite the State’s reservations about the reliability of that data.” 

Furthermore, the DOJ played games with statistics to claim that there is higher number of minorities without photo identification by counting all residents, not just eligible residents (not including illegal immigrants).  Then, the DOJ only considered drivers’ licenses, excluding voters who have other forms of ID available under the law.

How did the Department of Justice, which is supposed to be fairly applying the law, start quoting from the liberal playbook?  The DOJ is using the left’s common tactics to discount vote fraud and play games with statistics in their effort to oppose voter ID.  Obama’s DOJ only hired radical leftists to the Department’s Voting Section.  Well it’s true then - personnel is policy.

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