Is Jimmy Carter Racist Too?

Published Thu, Mar 22 2012 11:28 AM

Professor Rick Hasen accuses me of ad hominem attacks for pointing out how his new book, Voting Wars, is playing the "race card." The irony of Hasen's charge against me is completely lost on him as Hasen is the one who engages in ad hominem attacks on the supporters of voter ID. Hasen accuses voter ID supporters of taking their position because of the "racial overtones" involved.

Accusing someone of taking a position because of "racial overtones" involved is the sort of spurious attack beneath any serious scholar. Hasen is stooping to the level of Reverend Al Sharpton who goes on air on MSNBC to deny the existence vote fraud, when Sharpton himself committed the crime. Sharpton calls voter ID proponents racist by calling current voter ID laws "James Crow, Jr., Esquire" and telling young students that "Your water fountain is voter ID."

Accusing supporters of voter ID (who comprise the majority of the public as well as the majority of Democrats, Republicans and Independents) of "racial overtones" is not much different than what Al Sharpton does. Calling someone racist is terrible whether you say they have "racial overtones" for their beliefs or are current day supporters of Jim Crow.

Hasen completely ignores the fact that the left has well-known supporters of voter ID – such as former President Jimmy Carter, let alone the majority of the Democratic-controlled legislature in Rhode Island. Instead of discussing the merits of the arguments for and against voter ID and admitting the diversity of opinion on the subject within the Democratic Party, who does Hasen spend almost all of his released chapter criticizing? Only Republicans who support voter ID.

If UC Irvine Professor Hasen honestly wants readers to consider his book a serious scholarly discussion of voting laws then he would not engage in the divisive, hurtful and specious political rhetoric of the type used by MSNBC's Al Sharpton.

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# Rick Hasen said on Friday, March 23, 2012 9:25 AM

I respond to this post at my blog:, "Are All Supporters of Voter ID Laws Racist?"

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The conservative and libertarian Federalist Society has been so successful in large part because they

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Is Jimmy Carter Racist Too? - The Republican Lawyer Blog

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