A Violent Reminder About the Reality of Vote Fraud

Published Mon, Mar 5 2012 6:47 AM

To the left who won’t count vote fraud, here is a violent reminder. A man in West Virginia was arrested because he threatened to kill an FBI agent and a state investigator looking into vote fraud. James Matheny, 61 was arrested after he was questioned as part of an investigation into the 2010 Democratic primary in Lincoln County. When the investigator asked Mr. Matheny to clarify his response Matheny responded, “Are you calling me a liar? I will kill you,” and brandished a handgun.

Recognizing the seriousness of the situation, Secretary of State Natalie Tenant said, “Violations of election law are not administrative or procedural. The perpetrators are criminals committing criminal acts with malicious intent – and who are sometimes dangerous.” The investigation in Lincoln County has already resulted in Lincoln County Sherriff Jerry Bowman and County Clerk Donald Whitten agreeing to plead guilty because of their attempt to flood the 2010 Democratic Primary with fraudulent absentee ballots.

This incident is a stark reminder that vote fraud is a reality despite what critics say. This probe into the Lincoln County Democratic primary is especially troublesome because it involved two high-ranking county officials. Critics can continue denying that vote fraud is a growing problem. But the real question is, does someone need to be hurt for that to happen?

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# The Republican Lawyer Blog said on Monday, March 26, 2012 5:20 AM

Lee Zurik learned firsthand that telling the public about instances of vote fraud made him a target…

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