Vote Fraud in New York

Published Tue, Sep 13 2011 7:17 AM


Today's election in the 9th Congressional District in New York has allegations of dirty tricks.  NBC New York reports that:

Democratic congressional candidate David Weprin isn't denying accusations that his campaign volunteers tried to spy on his rival's headquarters to send back intel… Weprin campaign spokeswoman Elizabeth Kerr admitted Weprin had sent a "tracker" to follow Turner at public events but denied that any staffers misrepresented themselves as reporters or Turner volunteers.

You don’t have to look outside the state to find more dirty tricks in an election.  Democrat elected officials in Troy, New York are in midst of an election fraud trial.  Former City Clerk William McInerny has pled guilty to vote fraud.  He admitted to a judge in court that he “signed the absentee ballot for Demetrius Banks with the intent to defraud.” Elections Commissioner Edward McDonough and City Councilman Mike Loporto were also indicted for vote fraud.

Unfortunately New York City –unlike Troy—does not have a recent history of going after vote fraud.  Steven Richman, general counsel for the city Board of Elections admitted, “There's no extensive investigation normally on a voter registration form… We accept it at its face value.”  Some have even admitted to newspapers that they double vote and have not been prosecuted.  Former Democratic vice presidential nominee Geraldine Ferraro and her husband John A. Zaccaro, Sr. voted both in New York City and at her summer home in Saltaire.  Ferraro claimed to The New York Times that she should have the right to vote twice because “People are making decisions on how our taxes are spent… We have payment without representation.” 

Ferraro is not alone in double voting.  The New York Daily News found 46,000 voters registered in both New York and Florida and that “between 400 and 1,000 registered voters have voted twice in at least one election.”   Double voting remains illegal and punishable by up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

The New York 9th Congressional District election is very close, and it would not take much fraud to change the outcome of the election.


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