Vote Fraud Alert: SEIU Volunteers Vote, Claiming Hotel As Residence

Published Wed, Nov 30 2011 5:16 AM

If the Milwaukee Police Department Report isn’t enough evidence of vote fraud in the Badger State, look at what Media Trackers has uncovered: SEIU election volunteers from New Jersey, Georgia and Florida registered and voted in Wisconsin on April 5, 2011—courtesy of same day registration—by listing the Glendale Residence Inn hotel as the place where they lived.  The Milwaukee district attorney’s office has launched an investigation

SEIU Senior Organizer in Training Clarence Haynes is actually from Tampa, Florida and cast a ballot on April 5 without even listing a prior address on his same-day registration form.  SEIU Organizer in Training Todd E. Stoner who is actually from Freehold, New Jersey indicated he lived at a hotel.  Stoner presented a New Jersey ID to vote in Wisconsin.  Another person also registered to vote at the hotel was Occupy Milwaukee protester Austin Lee Thompson, who works for SEIU’s Wisconsin Jobs Now! and is from Georgia.

The Left wants to define vote fraud as only voter impersonation, but this is a key example showing how their narrow description fails to describe reality.  These are not people impersonating others.  In at least two of the cases, there were leaders and organizers in charge of get-out-the-vote efforts.  If they are willing to vote illegally themselves, wouldn't they be willing to help or encourage others to vote illegally?

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