Obomination: DOJ Distorts Data As It Aggressively Scrutinizes Voter ID

Published Fri, Jan 20 2012 6:29 AM


Obama’s Justice Department will go to whatever lengths to distort data in order to pursue their “aggressive” agenda against voter ID.  The Department of Justice is misusing its power where it has authority not to preclear voting statutes if they violate civil rights laws.

The Department of Justice rushed out its letter denying preclearance of the South Carolina voter ID law by relying on statistics on the number of photo IDs that the Department of Motor Vehicles discovered were not accurate.  Furthermore, the decision also fails to discuss all the evidence of vote fraud by limiting its discussion only to voter impersonation.  Other forms of vote fraud (multiple voting, non-resident voting, etc.) can be prevented by voter ID, but there is no discussion of them.

But South Carolina is not the only state where the DOJ is distorting statistics.  Texas is another state which the DOJ has authority to review its state voting laws.  The DOJ requested its own statistics, demonstrating that it seeks to find evidence from the state – no matter how misleading – to drum up support for its political agenda.  The Department of Justice requested data about minority voters’ names.  However, it should be noted that Hispanic surnames don’t necessarily indicate a voter’s race.  Texas complied with the Department of Justice’s request, but noted that the data is not

Keith Ingram, the director of the Texas elections division said, “By requesting Spanish surname data, the DOJ’s request acknowledges that the DPS database does not accurately reflect the number of Hispanic voters in Texas who possess a driver’s license or photo identification card...Nonetheless, in a good faith attempt to satisfy the DOJ’s request, the State has compiled the requested data – despite the State’s reservations about the reliability of that data.”

Under Obama’s leadership, the nation’s law enforcement agency is unjustly distorting evidence to pursue a politicized agenda against voter ID.  The Department of Justice is failing to live up to its name.


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