Obomination: Contorting the RNLA Vote Fraud Survey

Published Fri, Apr 13 2012 9:00 AM


Obama’s attorney general cited research done by the Republican National Lawyers Association.  But he completely mischaracterized it.  As RNLA Chair Norcross told the Daily Caller, Holder “will say anything it takes to fit his argument at the time, whether it’s true or not.” 

The Obama administration current myth is: vote fraud doesn’t occur.  To try to perpetuate that myth, Eric Holder concocts evidence from a source that actually contradicts his assertion.  The survey found that 46 states have pursued vote fraud charges in the last decade.  So Holder misstates what the survey discovered.

Holder narrowly defines vote fraud as impersonation, instead of admitting that vote fraud comes in all sorts of forms, like multiple voting and voting in the wrong precinct.  He also attributes findings about total numbers of vote fraud that the non-comprehensive survey did not address.

As the chief law enforcement officer, Eric Holder’s words should be truthful, not misleading or in this case, an outright lie.  RNLA J. Christian Adams writes, “If Holder doesn’t retract this falsehood, add to the long long list why he is unfit to serve.”


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